My name is Pem Zhipeng Xie, an UX designer who has just completed the study of interaction design at the University of Sydney.
I started learning design as a presentation designer mainly focusing on better visualizing and communicating information to audiences. 
I am passionate about creating intuitive user experience and designing beautiful interface.
From 2017 to now, I completed two masters degrees, Project Management & Interaction Design and Electronic Arts,  in Sydney Uni. 
This special experience not only gives human-centered design processes and skills, but also enables me to apply my project management skills into design projects. This unique competitiveness allows me to better utilize my design skills, cooperate with others, and deliver design outcomes.

A video explains my understanding about the role of a UX designer
Interests & Activities
Outside of university, I enjoy spending time attending design meet-ups and learning from different UX professionals. I'm passionate about volunteering and working with people from different backgrounds because it challenges me and expands the way that I view the world.  
Since 2017, I have been a member of PMI Sydney and a volunteer in marketing team. It's so important for me to keep in touch with people in Project Management profession and learn from them.
In my down time, I love playing team sports like ultimate frisbee and basketball. I also like to expand my horizons by listening podcasts and exploring new ways to grow.
I am currently challenging myself through a passion project called the "#CODING365 challenge"  where I create a new generative artwork everyday using Processing and p5.js and post it on Instagram.
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